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Montreal Day 4: The first day of class

Today was relatively uneventful.  The important thing that happened today is that I started my class.  I got placed into the intermediate 1 level so I was pretty content because I wasn’t in the lowest level.  However, I don’t think I placed high enough to get credit from AU so I’m going to have to try and smooth talk the woman in charge of that and see if I can fandangle my way into getting credit.  Also, I think that means I can’t take the class I was originally going to take for the second part so I should probably find out about that too.

The class doesn’t seem too bad though.  The professor speaks really fast but she is understandable for the most part. I am literally the youngest person in my class… And I think I’m the only english speaker let alone the only American.  Everyone seems nice though.  We had to do a group activity today and the woman I worked with was Russian.  She was really hard to understand because she spoke French with a Russian accent but she seemed nice.  I realized that these classes are “French as a second language classes” haha. So Basically I’m in the quebecois version of ESL haha. Hopefully it will be helpful though.  I’m starting to feel like this whole French endeavor is a lost cause and that I’ll never actually learn it. I will definitely keep trying though!

When I got out of class it was raining and cold.  Not what I was hoping for.  I had to walk back to the hotel/dorm/whatever-this-shit-hole-is and then go to this other building and get a letter of proof that I am a student so I could get refunded the money for the student rate.  When I went to get it the lady at the counter didn’t speak any english and my french leaves much to be desired and she was just an all around bitch.  She was copping such a ‘tude with me.  I wanted to give her a piece of my mind but she’d probably just laugh at my terrible attempt if I did.  I finally got the letter and got like a $450 refund which was nice and then it was nap time.

After waking up from my nap it had finally stopped raining and I headed to the bookstore to get my books for class.  Like all university bookstores the books were obscenely overpriced but c’est la vie. Taylor and I then went to Starbucks and chilled for a bit and then we went back and chilled some more.  We finally had dinner and after dinner we decided to head to a bar for a couple drinks and I got two Amoretto sours and they were delightful.  I also tried “poutine” which is this really bizarre quebecois dish.  It’s basically french fries covered in gravy and squeaky cheese.  It was interesting to say the least… Probably pretty delightful for drunk college students.  

That pretty much sums up my day.  OHH and I saw a cat and it was really nice and let me pet it :).  C’est tout! 

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